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21st century many public complaints mainly upper -middle income people about various diseases such as stroke , blood vessel constrictiScript Iklan Baris on , liming , etc. , which is caused by diet . Lots of foodstuffs treated with various chemical additives . Besides, the culture of farmers who use chemical pesticides with excessive frequency and dosage will produce toxic food consumers . The presence of heavy metals contained in the pesticide chemicals will get into the blood stream . Even eat vegetables that had always been considered healthy , now also have to watch out because a lot of vegetables sprayed with chemical pesticides berlebih.Pada currently one of four Americans consume organic products . In that country , the rate of growth of organic products is extraordinary , ie more than 20 % annually in the past decade , and it makes organic farming is growing very fast in filling the economic sector ( Wood , Chaves and Comis , 2002) . In the era of globalization , the organic vegetable market is very open and is currently Australia has taken this opportunity to export organic vegetables to the U.S. market , several European countries such as Britain , Germany and France , Japan , also to some Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia and Singpura ( McCoy , 2001) . This situation also dicermti Asian countries such as Thailand, which since 1995 has issued the standardization and certification of organic products ( ACT , 2001) .
Opportunities Indonesia into the world of organic food producers , is quite large . Besides having 20 % of agricultural land tropic , highly diverse germplasm , the availability of organic matter is also quite a lot . But according to IFOAM ( International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movement) Indonesia has utilized 40,
Jadwal Bola 000 ha ( 12:09 % ) agricultural land for organic farming , so it still required a variety of programs to deliver mutually synergistic Indonesia as one of the nation 's leading organic producers
Indonesia's tropical climate , an incredible natural resource capital where a variety of vegetables , fruits and flowers of various crops to be grown throughout the year . BPS Survey ( 2000) shows the production of vegetables in Indonesia , including red onion , cabbage , Chinese cabbage , carrots and potatoes in a row 772 818 , 1336410 , 484 615 , 326 693 and 977 349 tons in total area of ​​291 192 ha . Furthermore, a survey conducted by the Directorate of Vegetables , Ornamental and Miscellaneous Plants indicate that the needs of a variety of vegetables in a supermarket in Jakarta 8 about 766 tons per month , of which about 5 % is imported vegetables ( Rizki , 2002) .
Organic Farming SystemsSince 1990 , the issue of organic farming in the world began to blow hard . Since then began popping up various organizations and companies that produce organic products . In Indonesia declared Indonesian Society of Organic Agriculture ( MAPORINA ) on the date of February 1, 2000 in Malang . Indonesia has been circulating in organic agricultural products from local production such as organic rice , organic coffee , organic teas and some other products . Likewise, there are products such as pesticide -free vegetables produced by the Experimental Cangar FP UB Malang . However, organic products circulating in the Indonesian market is very limited in quantity and variety.
Organic farming can be defined as an agricultural production system that avoids or rule out the use of both synthetic compounds for fertilizers , growth substances , and pesticides . Banning the use of synthetic chemicals in organic farming is one of the constraints is heavy enough for farmers , in addition to changing the culture that has developed the last 35 years of organic farming makes production decreased when treatment is less precise .

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On the other hand , farmers have been accustomed to rely on inorganic fertilizers ( Urea , TSP , KCl , etc. ) and synthetic pesticides as a farming culture from the last 35 years . Moreover, the use of pesticides , fungicides to farmers already is very familiar with our farmers . That is what is used to control the attack about 10,000 species of insects as pests potentially around 14,000 species of plants and fungi that have the potential to cause diseases of various crops .
The reason farmers choose synthetic pesticides for pest on their land mengendaliakan al because the application is easy , effective in controlling the pest , and many are available in the market . Even during these six decades , pesticides have been regarded as the savior of crop production in addition to advances in the field of plant breeding . Pesticides on the market Indonesia is generally synthetic pesticides .

Pulau Pari  Organic Farming System is a holistic and integrated production system , to optimize the health and productivity of agro- ecosystems naturally and be able to produce enough food and fiber , and continuous quality ( MOA 2002) .


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