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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Aglaonema plants should

Aglaonema plants should be planted in soil mix chaff, poor sand, humus you, and ferns with a ratio of 1:5:2:2. In the section that you cut stump, be sure to smear antiseptic on the pieces in order to cover the wound on this one plant.

Lowongan KerjaSplashing the Aglaonema flowers regularly and make sure you put it in the shade. This plant is more like the shade compared to a dry place. You want new shoots will appear waktuv within approximately one month. Step Maintenance Aglaonema
How to maintain Aglaonema plant is also not difficult. Make sure you maintain the plant in a stable humidity. By providing a good place to grow, Aglaonema Ornamental menjaditanaman will be good to be used later. You also need to do the wrapping pemeliharaandengan robust plants using plastic wrap. It will be useful for selecting which Aglaonema plants that have seeds or roots that probe. How to Obtain Satisfactory Results Aglaonema Plant
As one of the commodity business, Aglaonema plant is one option that is appropriate for cultivated. Doubling fertilizer for plants is also a maintenance phase you should do, especially before cutting shoots take place. How to choose a sturdy roots can also be seen from the appearance of white roots, fat, and no foul.
Although breeding ants, ant handler is able to make a profit of up to millions of dollars per month. He claimed to have been the last two years of red ants maintain or rang-rang.
Initially, he got this idea w
Investasihen trouble finding or Kroto ant eggs to feed the birds chirp. Opportunities scarcity ant eggs rang-rang Makdum utilized to meet the market demand.
Makdum admitted, to maintain it utilizes the ant jars former and plants around the house. Maintaining ant rang-rang is not difficult, because the only sugar water and feeding eel meat twice a day.

Saturday, May 24, 2014


Before the media is placed , first media inserted into a poly bag or plastic slab or pots .

When using plastic slab , commonly used size is 100 x 25 cm and if use polybag , size 35 x 40 cm

The media used is rice husk fuel , or Grodan rockwool - cocopeat .

Plastic mulch beds or mounted on the surface of th
Agen bola berhadiah samsung s4 tiap bulan depo 20rbe slab taken / polybag so that no contamination kar plants / entry into the soil .

The media then arranged in the greenhouse in accordance with the desired spacing ( standard diLembang between beds and ± 140 cm ± 50 cm between plants ) .

Make the planting hole with a diameter of ± 15 cm on the surface of the slab ( if using slab system ) when using polybags make the planting hole according to the size of polybags are used for maintenance dinursery .

Media moistened with nutrient / fertilizer with EC 1.5 and pH 5.5 until completely wet / saturated .

In the prepared planting hole yaang sprinkle Furadan 3G as much as ± 2 g / planting hole for a preventive attack against nematodes .

The next stage of seedlings ready to ditransplanting to the greenhouse. Before the bottom of the polybag seedlings were placed carefully cut so that the roots do not bibti breaking / broken , then the seeds are placed in the planting hole that has been prepared .

To avoid an excess of water spray and salt piles notably, one day after transplanting draenase hole made ​​in the bottom of the slab / polybag .
Watering and fertilizing ( fertigation )
Watering and fertilization ( fertigation ) on the cultivation of hydroponic systems is generally performed concurrently . Technical fertigation can be done by hand or drip irrigation system ( Drip irrigation system) , but it is best to fertigation with drip irrigation systems are good quality thus can fertigation evenly , not too much manpower , save time ( in a short time can watering plants in significant amounts ) .
There are a few things to note :

Water quality ( water sources / wells / springs ) , must be clean and free from disease / chemical

Quality fertilizers / nutrients ( nutrient composition should match the needs of the plant , fertilizer used has the ability to dissolve 100 % )

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cultivation of sweet corn ( Zea mays saccharata )

Cultivation of sweet corn ( Zea mays saccharata ) are more susceptible to pests and diseases of corn than usual . But in terms of sales value , sweet Agen Bola Terpercayacorn offers a better price so that the interest of the cultivation of sweet corn never subsided . Because it can be consumed directly as corn or corn on the cob , sweet corn market opened up to the retail level .
location PenanamanMembalikTurn the soil in the corn processing plant is the replacement or removal of the eleven positions from the ground up to be the bottom or vice versa .This is done for each soil composition that has different properties , both element content and the level of soil fertility . Tool used to turn the soil is a hoe .
3 . Flatten groundThe next process after ground is broken and reversed with flattened , so that other processes can take care of easily . The instrument is used for leveling harrow , with power cow or buffalo or human power .Below we need to know the composition of horizontal soil layers consisting of 3 main layers :
a. Top soil / top soilTopsoil has characteristics such as:

Located at the very top of the soil
As the growth of various plants
Place of growth and development of plant roots by feeding on the part of top soil
Place a variety of microorganisms living
The locus of the humification
The soil is friable
Many contain nutrient elements for plant
Porosity and excellent drainage .
Its thickness is affected by slope , altitude and number of plants in it

b . Lower soil layer / subsoilThe characteristics of the soil layer below / subsoil is as follows :

Colored younger and brighter
Low porosity and drainage
Bond is more stable soil particle
Many experienced weathering
Many contain clay

c . Coating material or host rock / bed rockHost rock layers have characteristics such as:

Obat pembesar penis vimax
Is still a rock layer that has not undergone weathering .
Place the presence of pockets of water .
The locus of the process of physical weathering , chemical and biological in a long time .

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Eunike installed after a pool filled with water

Eunike installed after a pool filled with water . Water always flows into the spawning pond for koi merangasang pair will memijah . Besides Eunike , place egg SOCCERINDO AGEN BOLA ONLINE WORLD CUP 2014 penempel can also use water plants like Hydrilla arranged or cut plastic rope instead ijuk .
implementation of spawning
Master put around 16:00 and will start memijah midnight. Cows will swim around the pool with a male parent in belakangya followed . As time passed, their movements increasingly violent. Male holding stick her body while following a female parent . At its peak , cows will produce eggs with the occasional leap into the air. Female activity is immediately followed by removing fluid male sperm.
The eggs will stick to the affected sperm on eggs penempel Eunike or other material and played hard . Also there are some eggs uyang drop into the pond . Wedding finished in the morning . Master immediately separated from their eggs. If the egg can be eaten terlambatm parent.
There are two ways to separate the parent from eggs dihasilkan.Pertama , by transferring the holding of the spawning pool and let the eggs will hatch in an tersenur . The second way to transfer the eggs to the hatchery pond . The first way is more convenient because it saves more slowly (swimming ) .
To prevent not attacked mushroom, eggs soaked in a solution before the concentration 1/300.000 Malachyt green for 15 minutes before placed in the hatchery ponds . When will immerse the eggs , preferably Eunike - shake swayed in the water so that the dirt that may cover the eggs can not miss .
PhD candidature short article complete way koi fish farming . Hopefully useful.
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Choose a bright color koi . For that , we recommend Avoid the selection of koi in the bright lights as this will affect the natural color of koi .
Before deciding to buy koi , it is worth mAssalamualaikum Wr Wb , in our advantage this time I as the author of the blog will provide some information and tutorials on how to manage a variety of business from simple to

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really besar.tak a priceless asset investment for the upcoming ruling at the time . For that you can read some of the tricks work , entitled How Raising Koi fish pond sheeting with a beginner 's guide to full eserta trick below : Pond Applied Gets In Less Water District