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Eunike installed after a pool filled with water

Eunike installed after a pool filled with water . Water always flows into the spawning pond for koi merangasang pair will memijah . Besides Eunike , place egg SOCCERINDO AGEN BOLA ONLINE WORLD CUP 2014 penempel can also use water plants like Hydrilla arranged or cut plastic rope instead ijuk .
implementation of spawning
Master put around 16:00 and will start memijah midnight. Cows will swim around the pool with a male parent in belakangya followed . As time passed, their movements increasingly violent. Male holding stick her body while following a female parent . At its peak , cows will produce eggs with the occasional leap into the air. Female activity is immediately followed by removing fluid male sperm.
The eggs will stick to the affected sperm on eggs penempel Eunike or other material and played hard . Also there are some eggs uyang drop into the pond . Wedding finished in the morning . Master immediately separated from their eggs. If the egg can be eaten terlambatm parent.
There are two ways to separate the parent from eggs dihasilkan.Pertama , by transferring the holding of the spawning pool and let the eggs will hatch in an tersenur . The second way to transfer the eggs to the hatchery pond . The first way is more convenient because it saves more slowly (swimming ) .
To prevent not attacked mushroom, eggs soaked in a solution before the concentration 1/300.000 Malachyt green for 15 minutes before placed in the hatchery ponds . When will immerse the eggs , preferably Eunike - shake swayed in the water so that the dirt that may cover the eggs can not miss .
PhD candidature short article complete way koi fish farming . Hopefully useful.
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Choose a bright color koi . For that , we recommend Avoid the selection of koi in the bright lights as this will affect the natural color of koi .
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