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Trik Mencari Backlink Berkualitas dan Relevan

Layanan SEO Murah Intrigued with backlinks , I also wandered to and fro to seek the wise advice-advice which are summarized under the umbrella google , hehehe .... Not wanting to fall into the same hole for the second time so I have to be more careful in determining backlinks . Indeed , a very annoying experience the other day when this blog is blocked by Google Chrome with the statement that this blog has the potential to be as dangerous spreader device bla .. bla .. bla .. ( read his article here sob ) .Easy Ways to Get Quality Backlinks - Info Sepetir Hello buddy , pulau pari d this time I want to share about Simple Ways to Get Quality Backlinks . Surely you already know not what is meant by backlink . A backlink is a collection of links to the websites we are located in other people's websites . If you notice , in fact to such recommendation is similar backlinks . So if the more links to your website from other websites , the better the impact on your website , especially in the case of Google rankings .
Easy Ways to Get Quality Backlinks - If you 've read the articles anywhere about learning SEO , certainly is no stranger to hear the words of backlinks . Indeed, because of the backlink is of sufficient importance in the optimization of a website . Well , now back to the subject . How do I get backlinks ?
Actually many ways to get backlinks , not focused on specific ways . But I will try to summarize into 3 ways I think the easiest way to do this and also I have done . But it's good before that we need to know the criteria are well taken care of before building backlinks .BackLink
Things to consider before building backlinks :1 . Make sure that you will get the backlinks that are dofollow , nofollow instead .Problem nofollow and dofollow I will not discuss the specifics, you can find the explanation on google . The point is that every website is dofollow will give points to the page to which it refers , and to nofollow yes otherwise .
2 . In Building backlinks , make sure you are consistent .Adjust your pulau pari ability to get a backlink . No need to rush looking for 500 backlinks in a day if in fact you are not able to do so continuously . Better you get 50-100 backlinks a day but it will continue to be consistent every day .
3 . Good backlinks should be one -way ( one-way )The point here is one -way backlinks that we should get them for free without the need for a reply . Confused ? I demonstrated this way . Suppose you get a backlink from a website , if you get 1 backlink that direction . That means just a website that provides a link to your website , while if 2 -way . That means you must also provide a link back to the website .
This method usually happens if you exchange links with fellow bloggers , with the method between us and other bloggers to exchange links each get a backlink .
4 . Keep 85 % of your backlinks to the homepage and the rest towards your article pages .It is worth noting , especially if your website is still fairly new . Backlinks to the homepage is very important to strengthen your position in the google index . Strengthening the foundations of a link to your homepage .
The things above are basic in building good backlinks . But that does not mean it is legal to death for SEO alone was no permanent rules . Make the above as a reference in finding backlinks .
Methods to Get Backlinks1 . Commenting on Dofollow Blogsdofollow250
I put this method first because i think this is the most practical method and easy to do . obat aborsi  Lots of dofollow blogs start using free and paid domain though. Or there is also the use of the domain . Edu and . Gov . For the 2 domains I feel pretty special , why ?
You need to do :Please do a search on google using the keyword " DoFollow Blog List Indonesia " or you can develop into a " DoFollow Blog List Indonesia 2013 " . There will appear the websites that provide a list of dofollow blogs and you are ready to make a place to get a backlink .
The weakness of this method :Perhaps many of the blogs that entry on the list that are no longer a dofollow and nofollow due to switching into a particular reason . So , for that you should be careful in finding dofollow blogs or preferably by using certain tricks . Have you developed yourself this method .
How:Once you find dofollow blogs proficiency level read enough articles that are available and start commenting on blogs proficiency level . Berkomentarlah using option NAME / URL . Fill in the keywords you want obat aborsi your NAME and optimisasikan at the url address of the intended page dikolom URL .backlink1
Please remember , if you are commenting solely to find backlinks and your comment does not match the contents of the article. It is not likely your comment will be removed by the blog owner and that means your efforts will be in vain . So , Berkomentarlah wisely , because with it you will also get feedback accordingly .
2 . Getting backlinks from DoFollow ForumsForum postIn addition dofollow blogs , looking for any dofollow backlinks from forum would not hurt . Perhaps for those of you who love to interact with people with a particular topic well this the most appropriate way .
You need to do :Sign Up to become a member of the forum and start making threads or articles related to your site discussion . In the post , letakanlah links to your site ( of course, the link with the keyword ) . In addition you can also comment on other people's atikel or thread and leave a trail or a link to your site .
The weakness of this method :Not as easy as it looks , if you are on a forum with a specific theme is alat bantu sex  usually the other members would oversee any upheaval in the forum . So you should be able to master the material for the above manner , the origin can not put links . You might be a matter of invective from other members .
For dofollow forums proficiency level you can do the research yourself , but usually I use www.kompasiana.com .
3 . Submit your articles to social bookmarking sites dofollowSOCIAL BOOKMARK + + UPDATES
Social bookmarking is a site where you can post articles on the blog . / Site to appear there . Of course it is quite good as it could have in the google search rankings of your existing article on the social bookmarking higher than directly from the blog / site .
You need to do :Sign up as a member on the social bookmarking site , then submit your article to the attention 2 the following :
1 . Make the title really interesting that invites people to click and go read your article . But remember , alat bantu sex  before you submit your articles to social bookmarking websites , your article should be indexed in google first . If not , might be an article on your blog practically duplicate content by google .
2 . After create a title , enter a brief description of the content you submit will . If the title of your content is interesting and it is again a hot trend at this time , it's not impossible if from a social bookmarking can be accounted for 10-25 % of visitors to your site .
If you are interested in this method , I recommend some of the social bookmarking sites below .


The weakness of this method :When compared to the above two methods , the third method is not too many weaknesses . Perhaps the only drawback because it is still a bit of social bookmarking sites that are dofollow and the steps are a bit difficult to do submit articles .
After learning How to Easily Get Qualified Backlink now all live how you do it , but please keep in mind . Finding backlinks is not limited to only certain ways . You can develop your own style in finding backlinks . pulau tidung  As long as they are still within normal limits and not illegal . Well I think enough , may be useful for all the berblogging jolly fella .So it is advisable to buddies who want to improve the ranking to be more careful . The assumption that the more backlinks friend have the web / blog will be lifted ranking . if it is true , then a lot of web / blog that already has a high ranking because it is quite simply looking for backlinks as much as possible . INPO I get from googling , I saw a backlink not by quantity but by quality backlinks backlink . So , if my friend wants to find backlinks , look for quality and relevant backlinks to your web / blog buddies as much as possible .
Incidentally was middle of the road , I found the SEO tools of webcons . pulau tidung Simply enter the appropriate keywords in the web / blog buddy , after pressing the submit button SEO tools backlink - backling will find quality and relevant course with a web / blog.

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