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Cara membuat website / blog

How to create a website / blog at the moment is not as complicated as Pulau tidung Travel it is the case in advance, if the ancient times only a few people who can do and those who are experts in berkoding who can make it, now people awampun can make your own website easily and quickly even without having to be understand the programming language.

For some of you who probably are still confused and difficulty in making a website, here are the steps you can take to create a website.

Follow these Steps to make it:

Open your favorite browser (Chrome / Firefox) and open this page:
After that, click on "Order Now" or "Create Account"
how to create a website idhostinger-order
Enter your details correctly, then click "Create Account"
how to create a website-signup-form idhostinger
Now you are prompted for a confirmation email.
Please open the email you used to sign up earlier, and then click the confirmation code that has been sent.

Indonesian Hostinger info @ idhostinger. Com Hello xxxxx, Thank you for joining us. Please click on the link below to activate your account: http :/ / cpanel. Idhostinger. .com / Auth / confirm / hash / xxxxxxxx Thank you

Registration is successful, now enter the name of the website that we will create, for example www. topinfo .16 mb. com and fill in the data below, then click "Create". If you want to use the domain. Com,. Net,. Org / without embel2 16mb, then you have to buy the domain first and directing Name Server (DNS) to idhostinger. how to create a website idhostinger-success
It would appear the process of making a website account, wait for it to finish and the status to Active Account (about 5 minutes).
If it is "Active Accounts", check the last access your website address in the browser, it will display the following picture: how to create a website idhostinger-site-running
"Your website is up and running!", Meaning that your website has been finished and is already running.
The next stage is to install scripts / software website. Back to idhostinger page, click on "Control pulau tidung Panel" and select your site and then press "Switch" (switch).
how to create a website idhostinger-switch-account
Once inside the "Control Panel", looking at the "Websites" and click on "Automatic installer" (Auto Installer). how to create a website-auto-installer idhostinger
Then please choose one of the script / software website provided, for example WordPress. Click on "Install WordPress" and then enter the username and password to login the website.
how to create a website idhostinger-click-install to create a website idhostinger-install-wordpress

The first box leave it blank. This means that you will be using the main folder (root site) as a wordpress installation.
The second box with the contents of your site admin account name, the contents of whatever to taste. This is the name that will be used to login the backend part of your wordpress site, that is when you are going to post, reply to comments, etc..
The third box contents of a password to taste.
If the question, just click "OK".
Wait for the installation process to finished website (approximately 10 seconds).
After installation is complete, it will display your website data. Please note for this login to your website. how to jasa seo indonesia create a website idhostinger-web-info
Your website is so, please go to "Installation URL" to see the website and "URL Login" to log in and manage the website. Installation URL is the address of your website, ie http:// web name .16 mb. Com while login URL is the address to log in and manage the website, ie http:// web name .16 mb. Com / wp-admin
The next stage you just adjust a few settings of your website to make it more interesting. Do not forget to add a few articles that the web does not look empty without any news. For the steps, please read the article "Update" below.
Once everything is ready do not forget to register your website to search engines like google, yahoo and bing and often promotion and submit articles to various social networking bookmarking so many visitors. The trick please read here.
For those who are still confused and fail to continue or who do not want to capek2 nyobain way above, I can tell buatin ama aja :). But ane saranin try to make it themselves and do not easily give up. Try and try again. Anyway homemade and if successful, would have felt more proud than dibuatin. Tul not?

May be useful. ;)
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- = Update = -

Managing Basic Guide Based WordPress site:

A. How to Login to WordPress Dashboard Self Hosting

Type "www. address-your-site (dot) 16mb (dot) com / wp-admin "
Enter your username and password, then click "Log In"

B. How to Recovery Password Forgot WordPress Self Hosting

Type "www. address-your-site (dot) 16mb (dot) com / wp-admin "
At the bottom of the login box, click on the "Lost Your Password?"
Enter your username / email you, then the password will be sent to your email address

C. Changing the Admin Password Self WordPress Hosting

Login to your WordPress Dashboard
At the top right, click on your username link eg "Howdy, admin"
Scoll down, in the "New Password" enter the new password and also fill in the box below.
Tip: Check the indicator below the box, if the color Red / low, you should change your password to a more secure until the indicator color Green / Strong
NB: On this page you can also complete the data you like to change the name, avatar (Photos Profile), email, website, etc..
Click on "Update Profile"

D. [IMPORTANT] How To Change Themes / Templates WordPress Self Hosting

Login to your WordPress Dashboard
Scroll down, click the "Apperance" -> "Themes"
Click the theme you want, then click "Activate"

E. How to Increase Self Hosting Wordpress Themes

Login to your WordPress Dashboard
Scroll down, click the "Apperance" -> "Themes"
At the top, click on "Install Themes"
If you want to install it online, enter a keyword in the search bar such as "simple theme" or "magazine" and then click "Search, or it could be through Feature Filter, check the features you want, then click" Save Theme "
If you already have a wordpress theme file, please click on the menu and select Upload your wordpress files. Then click the "Install Now"

F. Dynamic Article Writing guide on WordPress Self Hosting

Login to your WordPress Dashboard
Click on "Posts" -> "Add New"
Click "Enter Title Here" and enter the title of the article
In the box below, enter your article. Could the copy and paste from file ms. word or other documents
To add a picture, song or movie click on the icon next to the words "Upload / Insert"
To make the "Read More" or "More ..." click the icon "Insert More Tag" or press "Alt + Shift + T"
Look on the right side, in the "Categories" select a category or create a new article with the click "+ Add New Category"
In the "Tags" field, enter the keyword articles such as "computer network, TKJ, guide". Each of keywords separated by commas. Having written all the keywords, press "Enter"
To publish a post, click the blue button labeled "Publish"
To save paper without published, click "Save Draft"

G. [IMPORTANT] How to Change the Name of Site / Blog

Login to your WordPress Dashboard
Scroll down, click on "Settings" -> "General" (Settings-> General)
Change Site Title / Title Site in accordance with what you want, eg "Habibie Blogs"
Change slogan became the motto of your life, eg "... defend the right!" Or "... the movement of change". Rich slogan parties huh keindahan pulau tidung ? hehe ....
Click "Save" to save the

Ok, do not forget to also stop by my new blog at, I WILL write again Guide to Making Websites for Online Stores, Schools Web, Web Company there. Pray cepet completed.


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