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Cara Meningkatkan Penjualan Online Terbaru

How to Increase Online Sales Latest is the most widely sought by Online Marketer or Online Sellers, is intended to increase revenues obat telat bulan from their Online Sales, by applying the knowledge that you get about How to Increase Online Sales of both seminars You follow the strategy of the business or Marketing Expert Practitioners and even of a website / blog that discusses about How to blow the visitors Online Store you have, you will certainly be able to get a much bigger benefit than you would expect and it is not possible to provide branding shop cheap online, you'll get up to 1000% profit.

So now the big question is.

How to Increase Sales Effectiveness in order to transform your site visitors into buyers.?

The number of visitors in the Online Store, is very important. This is a gold field for those who can use it. The problem with the increasing number of online shoppers that you have, then the products you market more often seen by visitors, the impact is that your product will be marketed online selling well sold.

Here are some things you should look for a product that you market through online stores can sell out quickly, and most importantly, so that visitors who flood the online store you are interested in buying your product.

Secrets of Increasing Online Sales

Make Easy as may be - obat aborsi you have to make sure prospective buyers who visit the online store you do not feel confused when going to buy your product. By the way you want to buy in your online store, then the prospective buyer will have a distinct impression and it is not possible buyers before going back to buy your products again.
Users of Internet Traffic
Users of Internet Traffic
Creating Momentum Traffik. Momentum is an important traffic, because of the condition of the rapid development of the online store you specified. When you are able to create traffic momentum, then many people started turning to your online store. With the increasing number of visitor traffic your online store, it automatically levels your product sales will also be greater, perhaps you also agree with I the following expression. MORE TRAFFIC = MORE MONEY.
Customer Service. - The first impression received by a buyer is how the friendliness of your online store manager, speed in responding to questions posed by potential buyers and the latter is the ease of explanation given. Note also how support for your customer service. Give some choice easy way for customers to contact you. You also need to set up some lines of communication with prospective buyers, either through telephone, SMS, BBM, chat or email.
The Fast Delivery - The process of rapid delivery, is one way to keep customers remain satisfied with the service you provide. For people who buy online are usually looking forward to receiving goods in-order. With fast shipping will add to the value of the online customer shopping experience, which will definitely affect the online store that you manage. Maybe you can work with service providers such as JNE shipment, POS, etc. TIKI. (Excerpted from

In addition to the above a number of ways, utilizing social media such as Facebook commerse, Twitter, Kaskus, YouTube, MySpace and other social networking sites as well as to create an online store affiliate program, also able to Increase Your Online Sales. Let's peel one by one.

1. Facebook Commerce

Surely you are wondering, why should Facebook?
Here is an interesting fact about the social networking site Facebook.

Internet users spend more time accessing Facebook (41 Billion / min) exceeded Google (39 alat bantu sex Billion / min).

67% Retail Merchants use Facebook to drive traffic to their site.

25% of Facebook users update the status of their products or services.

Indonesia ranks as the world's 3rd largest Facebook users with a growth rate of 7.9 users / second, while the second is Indian and who is still firmly on top of the top with 152 million users is the United States, while India and Indonesia 43.1 43.5 million users. ( and Socialbakers)

Leveraging the popularity of social media such as Facebook is an intelligent way of Turnover Increase your revenue from online stores. Moreover, with the use of Facebook traffic that reaches 41 Billion / min, then the chances of your online store will be discovered by the buyer is also getting bigger. By using social media, you can easily reach out to prospective buyers so much more, you can make it as a means to market your products. You can also combine your online store with social media so that buyers are increasingly flooding the online store. It is exactly as was done by the service provider's website social commerse store store pioneered by (Conduct selling use Facebook).
Social Commerce Store of
Social Commerce Store of

By using the services of social commerce store, you will get a wide range of online shops that you can take advantage of all of them for FREE. This is a proof that also participated in the Digital Economy Moving Indonesia, in accordance with the commitment of the team namely:

We realize a new netpreneur Indonesian 1,000,000
Already in 5381 social commerce store, integrated with shipping and payment. Creating an online business is getting shot!

With more than 5000 social commerce store that is established, then the sale of the online store in Indonesia will be even greater. In addition, as already I wrote above, you will also get a wide range of features online store for free and all the features you can use as a way to increase online sales of your product. Among them are:

Facebook Commerce
With this feature, customers can immediately order products that you display on your Facebook Fanpage, it will be much easier for your prospective customer in the transaction.

Facebook Travel
This one feature you can use to increase the turnover of your business travel, due to the booking facility can also be done through facebook, which interestingly are all presented with a display that is eye catching and user friendly.

Facebook Social Deal
With this one feature, you pulau pari can get a new deal every day-deal, deal commerce Social on facebook is an innovation with a method of doing business on facebook fanpage hot deal on your business.

SEO Friendly
This feature serves to facilitate your online store was found by the search engines (search engines) like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.


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