Saturday, April 26, 2014

Ketinggian Place

Guava plants have a large enough power adaptation in the tropical environment of the lowlands to high, at 1,000 m above sea level.

1.Pengolahan Growing Media
Prospective where the plants grow
Jasa SEO Berkualitas guava must be cleaned first of distractors such as: grass, shrubs / thorns and animals. Land is only processed in the planting hole and held 15-30 m days before planting. Spacing guava water is 8 x 8 m with planting hole measuring 60 x 60 x 60 cm.
Before planting into the planting hole needs to be put manure around 1 kerosene tin. If necessary NPK fertilizer plus 2 handheld. After that needs to be protective. Planting 2.Teknik
Planting can be done in the water rose pots / in the garden, if used is then planting the seed slips deeper so that the tree can grow stronger.
a.Penentuan Planting Pattern
Seeds can be planted guava orchard by planting pattern / spacing of 8 x 8 m.
b.Pembuatan Planting Hole
Planting hole should be made at the end of the dry season / rainy season ahead, so when approaching the rainy season, the plant has been established. Thus the new plant (the rainy season) does not need to be watered 2 times a day. Preparation of the plant hole consists of:
1) first excavated soil at the appointed place;
2) the size of the orifice hole size: length x width x in = 60 x 60 x 60 cm. or length x width x in = 1 x 1 x 0.5 m.
Planting c.Cara
Guava seedlings planted into the planting hole measuring 60 x 60 x 60 cm. Need to pay attention to the depth of planting and planting time should be executed exactly at the beginning of the rainy season and in the afternoon.
3.Pemeliharaan Plants
a.Penjarangan and Stitching
Stitching is done before the 1-month-old plants. Seeds that do not grow to be replaced with new seedlings are planted in the holes the same.
Weeding is done with the intent to enrich the soil, removing weeds / weeds (if any) or between land animals hugging. By weeding can check the state of the soil layer.

• Manure is given once at the beginning of the rainy season.
• Fertilizer urea 2/3, TSP 1/2, KCl third is not given
Jasa SEO Indonesia at the time of flowering plants (along with manure application and the first rain began to fall).
• Time fertilizer given after the fruit enlarges (fruit age about 1-2 months from flowering and fruit size of quail eggs ±). How the fertilizer should be submerged in rorak (got) 20-30 cm deep around the tree canopy.


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