Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cultivation of sweet corn ( Zea mays saccharata )

Cultivation of sweet corn ( Zea mays saccharata ) are more susceptible to pests and diseases of corn than usual . But in terms of sales value , sweet Agen Bola Terpercayacorn offers a better price so that the interest of the cultivation of sweet corn never subsided . Because it can be consumed directly as corn or corn on the cob , sweet corn market opened up to the retail level .
location PenanamanMembalikTurn the soil in the corn processing plant is the replacement or removal of the eleven positions from the ground up to be the bottom or vice versa .This is done for each soil composition that has different properties , both element content and the level of soil fertility . Tool used to turn the soil is a hoe .
3 . Flatten groundThe next process after ground is broken and reversed with flattened , so that other processes can take care of easily . The instrument is used for leveling harrow , with power cow or buffalo or human power .Below we need to know the composition of horizontal soil layers consisting of 3 main layers :
a. Top soil / top soilTopsoil has characteristics such as:

Located at the very top of the soil
As the growth of various plants
Place of growth and development of plant roots by feeding on the part of top soil
Place a variety of microorganisms living
The locus of the humification
The soil is friable
Many contain nutrient elements for plant
Porosity and excellent drainage .
Its thickness is affected by slope , altitude and number of plants in it

b . Lower soil layer / subsoilThe characteristics of the soil layer below / subsoil is as follows :

Colored younger and brighter
Low porosity and drainage
Bond is more stable soil particle
Many experienced weathering
Many contain clay

c . Coating material or host rock / bed rockHost rock layers have characteristics such as:

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Is still a rock layer that has not undergone weathering .
Place the presence of pockets of water .
The locus of the process of physical weathering , chemical and biological in a long time .


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