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Before the media is placed , first media inserted into a poly bag or plastic slab or pots .

When using plastic slab , commonly used size is 100 x 25 cm and if use polybag , size 35 x 40 cm

The media used is rice husk fuel , or Grodan rockwool - cocopeat .

Plastic mulch beds or mounted on the surface of th
Agen bola berhadiah samsung s4 tiap bulan depo 20rbe slab taken / polybag so that no contamination kar plants / entry into the soil .

The media then arranged in the greenhouse in accordance with the desired spacing ( standard diLembang between beds and ± 140 cm ± 50 cm between plants ) .

Make the planting hole with a diameter of ± 15 cm on the surface of the slab ( if using slab system ) when using polybags make the planting hole according to the size of polybags are used for maintenance dinursery .

Media moistened with nutrient / fertilizer with EC 1.5 and pH 5.5 until completely wet / saturated .

In the prepared planting hole yaang sprinkle Furadan 3G as much as ± 2 g / planting hole for a preventive attack against nematodes .

The next stage of seedlings ready to ditransplanting to the greenhouse. Before the bottom of the polybag seedlings were placed carefully cut so that the roots do not bibti breaking / broken , then the seeds are placed in the planting hole that has been prepared .

To avoid an excess of water spray and salt piles notably, one day after transplanting draenase hole made ​​in the bottom of the slab / polybag .
Watering and fertilizing ( fertigation )
Watering and fertilization ( fertigation ) on the cultivation of hydroponic systems is generally performed concurrently . Technical fertigation can be done by hand or drip irrigation system ( Drip irrigation system) , but it is best to fertigation with drip irrigation systems are good quality thus can fertigation evenly , not too much manpower , save time ( in a short time can watering plants in significant amounts ) .
There are a few things to note :

Water quality ( water sources / wells / springs ) , must be clean and free from disease / chemical

Quality fertilizers / nutrients ( nutrient composition should match the needs of the plant , fertilizer used has the ability to dissolve 100 % )


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