Monday, July 7, 2014

The main channel is the channel

The main channel is the channel that was dug perpendicular to the river, was built in two blocks each sago gardens, away from the mainSUNDULBET AGEN BOLA SBOBET IBCBET CASINO 338A TANGKAS TOGEL ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA   canal satudengan the other is 800 m. Its function as a drainage darisungai into blocks - block sago, and as a garden utamadari transport pathway to the river and vice versa, as well as to buffer pengaruhair pairs. The main channel width of 2.5 m.
d) secondary channel adalahkanal excavated perpendicular to the main channel (transverse to the main canal blokdan). This channel serves as a barrier between empatblok sago next to them; as sago transport pathway from the garden danatau tertiary canals to the main canal. Secondary channel width is 2 m.
e) tertiary canal is a canal that was dug in the mid-block or between two blocks in the block or obstruct - block salingberseberangan and as a transport pathway from the garden bagiandalam sago, into the main river or canal, or canal to a secondary or tertiary kekanal also transverse and vice versa . Tertiary channel width is 1.5 m.
f) the drainage channel width from 0.75 to 1.00 m.
4. Others - other
Menentukansistem and means of transport, because land didominasioleh planting sago swamp land and coastal land often dipengaruhipasang downs. Land is partly a watery area, makainfrastruktur should consist of a canal system in lieu jalandarat.
F. Planting and Replanting
1. Determination of cropping pattern
Planting with the block system is the spacing or distance between 8-10 meters antarbervariasi hole, so that only holds one acre of fruit +150. Spacing is considered ideal:
a. Sago Tuni 8 x 8 or 9 x 9 m, equilateral triangular relationship, so 1 will contain 143 acres of plants.
b. Sago ihur 9 x 9 m, equilateral triangular Agen Bola Tangkas Online Terpercaya dan Terbaik 2014 relationship, so 1 will contain 143 acres of plants.
c. Sago Molat 7 x 7 rectangular relationship, so 1 will contain 2043 acres of crops
d. If all three varieties planted together - together, then planted separately by blocks.
2. Making planting hole
Planting hole dug month / no later than 1 week sebelumpenanaman with a hole the size of 30x30x30 cm. Results of excavation of soil layers separated bagianatas down and left some holes hari.Pada plant was placed stakes - stakes of bamboo, tiaplubang 2 pacang.
3. Way Planting
How dilakukandengan planting dangkel immerse into the plant hole. Part pangkaldangkel covered with soil mixed with peat crumbs. Land penutupjangan but dangkel pressed not to move. Atasdimasukkan topsoil up to half the hole if possible in the mix debris. Roots - the roots embedded in the ground and cover the hole pangkalnyaagak pressed slightly into the soil.
G. weeding (weed control)
Weeding is done against weeds and sago performed on young (3 - 4tahun), because it is prone to attack by pests. Memperbes Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercayaarpeluang garden weeds will also hit by fire. The process can be done by using hand weeding, sickles, machetes, hoes and so on. Resulting from the weeding landfilled / composted. When weeds containing pests / vektordan wood, burned and the ashes used as fertilizer.
H. Control of Pests and Diseases
Padatanaman sago are pests and diseases that can reduce hasilpanen. Several types of pests and diseases are as follows.


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